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Mattress Selection Advice for Side Sleepers

At The Mattress Store, our sales team are more than mattress experts. We are also well-informed sleep consultants. Our knowledge and our exclusive bedMATCH™ technology allow us to help side sleepers find the best mattress to meet their support needs and comfort preferences.

Research about Side Sleepers

Research indicates that side sleeping is the most common sleep position, which about 80% of the population counting themselves as side sleepers. Side sleepers may fall into a subgroup, such as:

  • Log sleeper—side sleepers who keep their arms straight down by their sides
  • Yearner—side sleepers who extend their arms outward
  • Fetal position—side sleepers who draw their arms and legs close to the center of their bodies

Informal studies suggest that sleep position is telling of character. Side sleepers are believed to be easy-going, trustworthy but sometimes stubborn.

Best Mattress Matches for Side Sleepers

The side-sleeping position shifts body weight onto the shoulders and hips. As a result, side sleepers need a mattress that provides superior pressure relief and contours around the shoulders and hips so that spinal alignment can be maintained.

Mattresses recommended for side sleepers include:

The type of support a side sleeper needs will vary for each individual. Kingsdown®’s bedMATCH system can identify the ideal support system for each body in less than four minutes.

Visit one of the eight Albuquerque The Mattress Store locations. Our FTC-certified sales team can help you find the right mattress—and foundation and pillows—for your body and sleep position.

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Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep