Because a great day starts
with a great night's sleep.

Mattress Selection Advice for Stomach Sleepers

The knowledgeable sales team at The Mattress Store can help stomach sleepers create a sleep system that delivers the highest level of comfort and improves the quality of their sleep.

Research about Stomach Sleepers

Those who sleep on their stomachs (prone position) are in the minority—only about 7% of the total population count themselves stomach sleepers. Compared to other sleeping positions, stomach sleeping introduces some challenges to restful sleep, such as:

  • Restricted breathing
  • Increased pressure on internal organs
  • Poor cervical and spinal alignment

Having the right mattress and thin or no pillow is essential to keeping your body aligned to prevent neck and/or back pain (a common complaint among stomach sleepers).

If research about the link between sleep position and personality rings true, stomach sleepers are out-going but may often feel like they’re playing “catch-up.”

Best Mattress Matches for Stomach Sleepers

While The Mattress Store cannot help stomach sleepers feel more in control of their task lists, we can provide the products they need to create an ideal sleep environment.

Stomach sleepers need adequate support to maintain proper postural alignment, but not quite to the degree of back sleepers. As a result, a luxury firm or plush mattress is often the best choice. The actual support system stomach sleepers need is different for each body. Our bedMATCH™ system can determine if an all-foam bed, innerspring or hybrid mattress is right for you.

Visit one of our eight Albuquerque locations to find the mattress, foundation and mattress protector you need for the best sleep system for stomach sleeping.

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Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep