Because a great day starts
with a great night's sleep.

Featured Brand: Kingsdown®

Kingsdown is an American mattress manufacturer that has been delivering quality products to improve the quality of your sleep and the quality of your life for more than a century. The Mattress Store is the only place in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area where you can get Kingsdown mattresses.

Kingsdown Quality

Kingsdown is committed to providing top-quality mattresses that offer the support you need and the comfort you prefer. The quality of their mattresses is the result of:

Incorporated sleep research

Kingsdown develops its mattresses based on findings from decades of sleep research, which has also led to the development of the bedMATCH™ system that identifies the proper mattress support type for each body.

Quality materials

Kingsdown uses quality materials throughout the mattress, and that includes patented coil technology, Kingsdown’s proprietary Serene® foam and Full Body Surround® that provides breathable edge-to-edge support.

Product testing

Every mattress is hand-built by skilled craftsmen and tested to ensure it meets Kingsdown’s high standards for ergonomic support.

Kingsdown stands behind the quality of every mattress is produces with a 10-year warranty.

About Kingsdown

Founded in 1904 as Mebane Bedding Company, Kingsdown is a mattress manufacturer that keeps its operations in the US. Kingsdown is the only employee-owned company, and having employees as stakeholders has ensured that the company’s commitment to quality never changes.

The Kingsdown Difference

Find out what a difference a quality mattress can make to the quality of your sleep and your life. Visit one of The Mattress Store’s Albuquerque area locations to find the right Kingsdown mattress for you.

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Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep.