Because a great day starts
with a great night's sleep.

Sleep-Enhancing Pillows in El Paso, Texas

Pillows are absolutely essential to a good night’s sleep. You can get the quality pillows you need for restorative sleep at The Mattress Store in El Paso.

Why You Need a New Pillow

Sleep experts estimate that a good pillow accounts for 30% of your sleep quality. An old or worn-out pillow could be getting between you and the quality sleep you need for optimal health.

Most pillows are only crafted to perform for three to five years, but most people do not replace their pillows as often as they need to. For some people, it may be obvious that their pillow is beyond its useful life, such as when you notice:

  • Your pillow no longer resumes its original shape
  • The pillow fill has hardened and/or formed lumps that cannot be easily broken up and redistributed

For others, morning neck stiffness, aches and pains may be the indicator that you need a new pillow.

Top-Quality Pillows by Malouf

The Mattress Store carries the quality pillows you need for better cervical alignment, better sleep and pain-free mornings. Our selection of pillows by Malouf includes:

  • Pillows with cooling technologies, such as carbon-cool and gel-infused
  • Aromatherapy pillows, available in lavender, chamomile and peppermint
  • Down
  • Microfiber

Our selection includes standard and king-size pillows to fit every size mattress we carry.

Finding the Right Pillow for You

Because a pillow is, essentially, a mattress for your head and neck, finding the right support type is important for proper alignment. The results you get from our bedMATCH™ system may be applied to your pillow selection. Visit one of our ten El Paso locations to get your bedMATCH results and get the expert assistance from our knowledgeable sales team.

Call or visit The Mattress Store in El Paso, TX for quality pillows by Malouf.

Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep