Because a great day starts
with a great night's sleep.

Mattress Selection Tips from El Paso’s Mattress Experts

The Mattress Store carries mattresses from two manufacturers with excellent reputations for sleep-enhancing innovations and quality products. Still, our mattress selection can seem overwhelming. These tips from our mattress experts can help.

Practical Considerations for Mattress Selection

The easiest way to narrow your mattress selection down is to first know what your space and budget can accommodate.

To find the right mattress size, consider:

  • The number of sleepers (including children and pets) that will regularly be using the mattress
  • The total square footage of the room where the mattress will go and free space in that room (Ideally, you want walking space on three sides of the bed.)

When it comes to defining a budget, do not limit yourself too much. A new mattress is an investment in the quality of your sleep, which largely affects the quality of your life. The Mattress Store offers a number of financing options. We encourage you to get pre-qualified at any of our El Paso locations before setting a dollar limit on your new sleep system.

Body-Specific Considerations for Mattress Selection

With the easy part of mattress selection done, now it’s time to figure out which specific mattress models will enhance your sleep quality. There are two major considerations:

    Support refers to the construction type of the mattress and how it counters your body weight to keep your body in correct alignment during deep sleep stages. Proper support allows you to sleep more soundly.

    Comfort refers to the level or amount of cushioning and the resulting feel a mattress provides. The right comfort level helps you fall asleep faster.

Comfort is strictly a preference, and nearly everyone knows what comfort level they prefer and what style of mattress that translates to:

If you prefer a mattress that is… Then look for…
Soft Pillow-top, super-pillow-top or Euro-top
Medium Plush or luxury firm
Hard Firm or extra firm

Support used to be left to chance, but not with The Mattress Store’s sleep-science-based technology.

How The Mattress Store Can Simplify Mattress Selection

The Mattress Store uses the bedMATCH™ system to help you find the right support types for your body. By answering a brief questionnaire and lying on our test bed for just three minutes, we can narrow your ideal mattress matches from dozens of choices to a more manageable list.

Visit one of our ten El Paso locations to find the mattress that will help you sleep better night after night.

Call or visit The Mattress Store in El Paso, TX to find the perfect mattress for you (and your budget).

Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep