Because a great day starts
with a great night's sleep.

Top-Quality Mattresses in Las Cruces, New Mexico

If you are not getting enough quality sleep, an old, worn-out or poor-quality mattress may be the reason. The good news is you can improve your sleep quality (and the quality of your life) with the right mattress…and you’ll find it at The Mattress Store!

Las Cruces’ Exclusive Mattress Retailers

The Mattress Store is the exclusive local dealer for two of the most trusted brands in the mattress industry—Kingsdown® and Spring Air.

Both manufacturers are American companies that have built their reputations for high-quality mattresses over decades. Kingsdown has been applying sleep research to the designs of their mattresses since 1904. Spring Air has been innovating sleep technologies since 1926.

Our manufacturer-direct relationship allows us to offer mattress lines and models you cannot find anywhere else in New Mexico…and at better prices.

Our Mattress Selection

The selection at The Mattress Store cannot be beat. We carry:

In addition to our mattress selection, we carry all the products you need to create a complete sleep system, including foundations, bases and pillows, as well as products for proper mattress care.

Finding the Right Mattress for You

With so many options, it may feel like finding the right mattress is a matter of trial and error. That used to be the case, but with our exclusive bedMATCH™ technology, it isn’t any longer. In less than four minutes we can identify your body’s support needs and generate a short list of mattresses ideally suited to your needs. Visit one of our two Las Cruces locations today!

Call or visit The Mattress Store in Las Cruces, NM for quality mattresses by Kingsdown® and Spring Air.

Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep