Because a great day starts
with a great night's sleep.

Split-California King Mattresses

At The Mattress Store, you never have to compromise on support or comfort, no matter how different you and your bed partner’s needs are. We offer split-California king mattresses to provide the largest sleep space possible and personalized mattress fit to ensure a great night’s sleep every night.

What Is a Split-California King Mattress?

Like the split-king, the split-California king is not a single mattress at all. It is two full XL mattresses side-by-side, either attached or separate.

The split-California king offers a sleep space measuring 72” x 84”.

Specialty Mattress Orders

The split-California king mattress is considered a custom-size mattress because the two halves themselves are special-order mattresses. All bedding and mattress protection and padding products must also be special-ordered. The Mattress Store can fill most special orders in seven days.

The unique size and configuration of the split-California king is best suited for couples with varying sleep support needs that cannot be met in a single mattress and with ample bedroom space.

Finding the Right Sleep Solution for You

The Mattress Store has the perfect mattress for every sleeper’s needs. If you and your partner need the space and personalized support systems afforded by a split-California king mattress, we will get it. Every choice of brand and mattress line is available for each full XL mattress required for the split-California king.

If a special-order mattress and bedding present too much hassle, our knowledgeable sales representatives can help you find other mattress solutions, guided by our advanced bedMATCH™ system.

Visit one of our Albuquerque area locations to find the best mattress fit for you and your partner.

Call or visit The Mattress Store nearest you to find split-California king mattresses to accommodate both bed partners’ sleep needs. 505.349.4191

Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep.