Because a great day starts
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Split-King Mattress Selection

The Mattress Store takes pride in carrying a mattress selection guaranteed to meet every sleeper’s needs, even when those sleepers have different needs yet share the same bed. Our split-king mattress selection provides bed partners with the unique support they need for a good night’s rest every night.

What Is a Split-King Mattress?

In truth, a split-king mattress is not a king-size mattress at all. It is really two side-by-side twin XL mattresses that may be attached or kept separate. The total sleep space measures 76” x 80”, but the two-mattress configuration prevents the split-king from being a custom mattress size that requires custom bedding and mattress care products.

When a Split-King Mattress May Be the Best Fit

A split-king mattress may be the best sleep solution for:

Couples with different support needs

Support is provided by the type of mattress construction—e.g., foam, innerspring or hybrid technology. One mattress cannot be constructed with differing support systems on each half of the bed. The only solution is to allow each sleeper to have a mattress with the support system that conforms to their needs.

People who want an adjustable base

Although you can get adjustable king-size mattresses, a single king-size adjustable base means that both partners must experience the same bed position. Two adjustable bases allow each partner to individually control their bed configuration.

A split-king mattress may allow you to comfortably share sleep space with your partner despite evolving support needs that may result from aging or injuries.

Top-Quality Split-King Mattresses…and Customer Service

The Mattress Store only offers the best to our customers, both in terms of our mattress selection and our customer service. We carry top brands, including:

All our manufacturers cover their mattresses with a 10-year warranty, and our knowledgeable sales team can help you find the mattress care products that help you maximize the life of your mattress.

At The Mattress Store, you can count on us to deliver an exceptional mattress-buying experience through:

  • Exclusive bedMATCH™ technology that identifies your support needs in just four minutes
  • Expert advice to help you find the right comfort level
  • 60-Day Comfort guarantee
  • Free mattress delivery
  • Free removal of your existing mattresses

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Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep.