Because a great day starts
with a great night's sleep.

Kingsdown®’s Exclusive bedMATCH™ System

There are a variety of mattress support types, and it used to be anyone’s guess to find the one that would best suit your body. But as Albuquerque’s exclusive Kingsdown dealer, The Mattress Store offers Kingsdown’s proprietary bedMATCH system to take the guesswork out of mattress selection.

How bedMATCH Works

Every Kingsdown dealer is outfitted with a bedMATCH test bed. To find the mattress that offers ideal support for your body, you simply:

  1. Create a bedMATCH profile by answering a few questions about your sleep preferences and habits.
  2. Lie on the test bed for three minutes while the system takes more than 1,000 calculations to assess your postural support needs.

That’s it! The bedMATCH system prints out color-coded recommendations for the Kingsdown mattresses that provide the support you need.

The Mattress Store’s knowledgeable sales team will show you each recommended mattress and explain the comfort features to help you find the mattress that offers the pressure relief and cushion you prefer.

Find Your bedMATCH

Couples with differing bedMATCH results may still be able to get the support they need in a single mattress (rather than a special-order split-king bed). Kingsdown offers a number of mattresses that combine support types to accommodate multiple sleepers.

There’s only one way to find the Kingsdown mattress that fits you (and your partner) best—visit your nearest The Mattress Store location. In less than five minutes, we can identify recommended mattress models and help you find the one that promises the best quality sleep night after night.

Visit The Mattress Store nearest you to find the right mattress for you using Kingsdown’s exclusive bedMATCH™ system. 505.349.4191

Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep.