Because a great day starts
with a great night's sleep.

Box Springs for Mattress Support

Your mattress must provide support for your frame when your muscles are deeply relaxed, but it can only perform when it is properly supported. To ensure your mattress provides the benefits it promises, you need the proper foundation. The Mattress Store has “box springs” to support your mattress so it can support you.

Why You Need Box Springs

Box springs play an important role in the function and comfort of your sleep system.

  • First, the box springs elevates your bed to a level that makes it easy to get in and out of bed.
  • Second, the box springs provide support for your mattress so that the construction can fully deliver the right support to your body while you sleep.

Box springs keep your mattress from sagging, caving or collapsing; for innerspring mattresses, they also ensure that coils stay aligned.

What many people do not realize is that box springs should be replaced when you replace your mattress. Box springs deteriorate with age and wear, too, and putting a new mattress on old box springs may compromise the longevity of your mattress and the lifetime value of your investment.

Today’s Box Springs

Box springs have been so called because they were actually made with thick-gauge steel springs. While the term is still used, today’s mattress foundations do not have springs. Instead, most modern foundations are constructed with slats that provide support while allowing flexibility.

Box springs are a very important component of your complete sleep system. Get the right mattress and the right foundation to support it at The Mattress Store in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Call or visit The Mattress Store nearest you for complete sleep systems that include spring-less “box springs.”

Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep