Because a great day starts
with a great night's sleep.

Health Benefits of Quality Sleep

During sleep, your body may be still, but it is anything but inactive. While you sleep, your body repairs and restores itself, allowing you to heal from illness and injury, experience pain relief and refresh your cognitive functions. That’s why health care providers recommend seven to eight hours of sleep each night. But if you are tossing and turning all night, you are not getting the full health benefits of sleep. For improved physical and mental function, you need quality sleep.

How You Benefit from Quality Sleep

Decades of research show clear links between the amount and quality of sleep and physical and mental health. People who regularly get sufficient quality sleep enjoy:

  • Better memory retention
  • A sense of clarity and focus
  • Reduced stress
  • Better immune functions (i.e. fewer infections and illnesses)
  • Easier weight management
  • Reduced recovery time from injuries

A healthier body and refreshed mind contribute to a greater quality of life overall.

What You Need for Better Quality Sleep

Getting quality sleep is not an accident or dependent on luck. What you need for quality sleep includes a sleep system that provides:

  • Optimal comfort to help you fall asleep quickly
  • Postural support to maintain proper alignment so that you stay soundly asleep

Poor-quality and/or old mattresses and pillows cannot create the sleep environment you need. The Mattress Store has the high-quality mattresses, pillows and more you need to customize a sleep system for your unique needs and preferences.

Our knowledgeable sales team can help you identify the ideal support types for your body (and your bed partner’s) using our exclusive bedMATCH™ technology. Your comfort preferences and practical considerations further narrow your selection of mattresses, bases and pillows that will enhance your sleep experience. And our 60-Day Comfort Guarantee allows you to purchase your new sleep system with confidence.

Visit one of our Santa Fe locations today to find the sleep system that can contribute to better health and greater living.

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Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep