Because a great day starts
with a great night's sleep.

Top-Quality Mattress Protector Selection in Santa Fe, New Mexico

At The Mattress Store, we understand that the purchase of a new mattress and other sleep system products is an investment in your health and your quality of life. We want to help you protect your investment. That is why we carry a selection of mattress protectors from Malouf, a trusted name in the sleep industry.

Why You Need a Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are an essential part of your sleep system. They seal your bed against all the particles, oils and other contaminants that can settle into your mattress. By keeping your mattress clean on the inside, a mattress protector helps:

    Ensure warranty coverage
    Kingsdown® and Spring Air offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty on all their mattresses. However, for warranty coverage to apply, your mattress must be free of stains. A mattress protector is the only way to ensure that liquids, oils and other substances do not spot or stain the mattress quilting.

    Prevent untimely deterioration
    Body oils, hair, dust mites, etc. breakdown the foam and other comfort and support layers of your mattress. By keeping these contaminants out of your mattress, a mattress protector may extend the useful life of your mattress by one or more years.

Mattress protectors are machine washable, allowing you to maintain a hygienic sleep environment.

Mattress Protector Features

Malouf’s mattress protectors are made of a polyurethane blend, making them:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stain-resistant

The Sleep Tite mattress protector line includes five-sided protection, cooling technology and various textures for an enhanced sleep experience.

A Mattress Worth Protecting

The Mattress Store only carries the highest quality mattresses and related products. To get the most for your money, protect your mattresses and pillows. Find everything you need at The Mattress Store in Santa Fe.

Call or visit The Mattress Store in Santa Fe, NM for mattress protectors that can extend the life of your mattress.

Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep