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Mattress Selection Tips from Santa Fe’s Mattress Experts

The Mattress Store has a large selection of mattresses that features some of the latest innovations in sleep-enhancing technology. With so many choices, it may seem like finding the best mattress for you (and your bed partner) is just a matter of luck, but it’s not. Our mattress experts have some tips to help you narrow your selection to mattress models that will help you sleep better.

Considerations for Mattress Selection

When it comes time to find a new mattress, some considerations are obvious, such as:

  1. Mattress size
  2. Comfort level
  3. Sleep temperature

To find the right mattress size, think about:

  • The size of the room
  • The number (and size) of sleepers (including children and/or pets)

For comfort level, your preferences are the primary consideration. Most people already know if they like a very soft or extra firm mattress…or something in between. Your typical sleep position may also factor into the comfort level best suited for you.

For individuals who sleep hot, cooling gel in the upper layers and/or quilting of the mattress can aid in heat dissipation for better temperature regulation throughout the night.

How to Find the Perfect Type of Support

The most difficult part of mattress selection is determining the type of support you need. Mattress support refers to the construction and technology in the mattress that maintains postural alignment when your muscles are fully relaxed. Having the right support is essential to staying asleep and waking up free of aches and pains.

The sales team at The Mattress Store can help you find the ideal support type for your body using our exclusive bedMATCH™ technology. In fewer than four minutes, bedMATCH calculates thousands of data points to create a list of Kingsdown® mattresses ideally suited for your body and typical sleep position.

In the event that you and your bed partner have widely varying support needs, that’s no problem. We can have a bed custom-built to meet both bed partners’ support needs and comfort preferences.


For mattress selection tips tailored to your unique sleep needs, talk to a mattress expert at one of our Santa Fe locations.

Let the mattress experts at The Mattress Store help you find the right mattress for your body. Call or visit one of our Santa Fe, NM locations.

Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep