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Innerspring Mattress Support

Metal coils have been used in mattresses to provide support for decades, but advances in material sciences make today’s innerspring mattresses more durable and comfortable. The Mattress Store in Albuquerque has a wide selection of innerspring mattresses from Kingsdown® and Spring Air.

Advanced Innerspring Construction

The Mattress Store’s selection of innerspring mattresses feature advanced materials and construction to provide the most comfortable and durable support. Our innerspring mattresses feature:

  • Tempered steel coils, which are up to three times stronger than untreated steel
  • Individually wrapped coils

Most of our innerspring mattresses also feature zoned support. Heavier gauge steel coils are used in the center of the bed to provide more support where most of your body weight lies. Lighter gauge coils are used for the head and neck and legs and feet.

How Innerspring Support Works

Innerspring mattresses provide support through the coil action. Tension in the coil counterbalances the weight you exert on each spring. Individually wrapped coils allow each individual spring to flex with your body movements without affecting the coil tension or position of neighboring coils, preventing sagging or vibration that disturbs you or your bed partner’s sleep.

Is an Innerspring Mattress Right for You?

Innerspring is one of the best types of mattress support you can get, but that does not make it ideal for every body. You can find out if innerspring is the best mattress type for you using our exclusive bedMATCH™ system. If your body needs innerspring support, but your bed partner requires something different, you may both get the support you need in a custom-made bed (ask your sale representative for more information).

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Because a great day starts with a great night’s sleep